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luxury villas marbella

Markets in Marbella

Markets in Marbella

Whether you are staying in Marbella in a luxury villa or are in budget accommodation, a trip to some of the markets is a must-do activity.

Markets are a very important part of Spanish life and every town in the country has at least one weekly market.

Marbella is lucky enough to have a number of regular markets where a great variety of goods can be purchased; here’s a guide about what you can expect to find.

Marbella Ecological Market

Held on the first Saturday of every month in the Parque de la Alameda, the Marbella Ecological Market champion’s goods which are environmentally friendly.

Goods which are sourced locally, and produced in an eco-friendly manner are order of the day, but unlike in other areas, you won’t find a premium tagged on. These ecologically-sound products are offered at very competitive prices so you can indulge yourself with a clear conscience, without breaking the bank.

The market takes place between 10am and 2pm, and lies between the beaches and the old town. It’s therefore recommended that public transport is used to reach the venue as parking can be problematic in the area.

San Pedro Market

A general market with more than 230 stalls, San Pedro is a huge affair and offers a vast range of produce when it’s open every Thursday morning from 9am until 2pm.

Famous for its fresh fruit and vegetables, San Pedro also has a flea market feel, known as a ‘rastro’ in Spain, and is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave if you’re looking to hunt out a bargain.

The atmosphere is spirited and friendly, and it’s not unusual to find singing and dancing. The stall holders are vocal but not pushy, but like any large event, take care to watch out for pickpockets.

Parking is much easier at San Pedro; the market can be found near the BP station on the local fairgrounds close to the road to Ronda on Calle Jorge Guillén and cars can either be left on this street or on the dirt track nearby. If you opt for the latter an unofficial ‘parking attendant’ will help find you a space. You don’t have to offer payment but most people tip one euro.

Going earlier in the day is recommended particularly in the months where the Marbella weather is at its warmest. It can get quite crowded later in the day and it’s easy to feel faint.

Marbella Artisan Market

If you’ve been spending lots of family days out you will enjoy a couple of hours to yourself to wander around this captivating market.

Without the children to complain about being bored, it’s easy to lose yourself in the unique offerings of this market. With more than 30 stalls offering vintage jewellery, antiques, ceramics and paintings – to name just a few things – the items being sold are individual and unique.

Held on Sundays between midday and 6pm, head on over to Marbella Port to see what this market has to offer.

Monday Street Market

Imagine a typical street market, Spanish style, and you’ll have a good idea of what this market is like. An extremely popular place to visit for both locals and visitors, one of the highlights of the market is undoubtedly its fresh produce, with both fruit and veg being quickly snapped up.

One of the joys of street markets such as these is that you have the choice of sampling the goods before you buy them, so if you’re not sure what type of tomato to buy, you can try both before you make your decision!

The Monday Street Market has more than 360 stalls so it’s a vibrant and bustling place which gets busier the longer it’s open. It’s therefore highly advisable to attend as close to 9am as possible (when it opens) as by 2pm it will be a hot and crowded venue.

If you’re planning taking any day trips from Marbella a trip to the market first will help you stock up on a delicious picnic lunch to take with you.

Parking is again very difficult close to the market – which is held at Las Albarizas, Calle Platino, so it’s recommended to either take public transport or else park further out, closer to the hospital, or walk in.

Zoco del Sol Market

If you’re organising things to do in Marbella slotting in a trip to Zoco del Sol Market is easy because of its proximity to both the Corta Ingles shopping centre and the port.

This open air market is held all year round, on Saturdays during off-peak season and every day during the summer months. Located on Plaza Antonio Banderas in Puerto Banus, it is one of the smaller markets with just 25 stalls but it shouldn’t be overlooked because of its comparatively diminutive size.

The goods on offer are diverse and eclectic but represent good value and are guaranteed to provide a unique gift; vintage clothing, art, ceramics, glasswork, fragrances and accessories can all be found. What’s even better is that you can browse the market during the cooler evenings rather than the heat of the day as it stays open until midnight, after opening at around 11am.

Funny Beach Market

A market with a very different feel, this one is held at the seaside on Sundays between 11am and 5pm but features entertainment, music, go-karting and a children’s funfair. More of a social event rather than purely a market, there’s food and drink tasting as well as regular workshops.

The stalls themselves sell largely handmade and second hand goods, piled high with toys, jewellery, clothing, books, furniture and artwork. The sellers all tend to be very local, with both individuals and businesses amongst the stallholders.

An upbeat atmosphere, the market is very easy to reach being held directly on Funny Beach.

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