luxury villas marbella
luxury villas marbella


The best tapas bars in Marbella

The best tapas bars in Marbella and Puerto Banus   One of the best things about living in Marbella is the vast choice of excellent tapas bars in town. There is nothing better than spending the morning on the beach followed by a ´tapas tour´ around the streets of Marbella.   Many local ingredients are used to create delicious tapas with fresh fish, olive oil, seasonal vegetables and a delicious...

Some of the best restaurants in Marbella

Some of the best restaurants in Marbella   Whatever you are looking for in a Marbella restaurant you will find it within easy reach of the town centre, and there are plenty of places for cheap eats, tasty tapas, full gourmet meals, snacks and kid´s favourites.   Some of the best places to eat in Marbella and Puerto Banus, in no particular order, include:   1.Pizerria Picasso in Puerto Banus A great...

Best restaurants in Puerto Banus

The best cocktails and restaurants in Puerto Banus, Marbella Visitors who want to indulge themselves in Puerto Banus, should check out some of the excellent cocktail bars and restaurants in the Marina. Whether you want to rub shoulders with the jet set or sit, relax and watch the world go by there are plenty of great places to eat and drink in Banus. Some of the best include: Pravda Restaurant, Puerto...

Italian restaurants Marbella

Italian Restaurants in Puerto Banus and Marbella Whether you fancy home made pasta, pizza or some of the most delicious meat and fish dishes infused with fresh Italian herbs and spices, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to great Italian restaurants in Marbella. One highly recommended Italian restaurant chain in Marbella isPasta da Bruno, run by husband and wife team, Giuseppina and Bruno...

Pata negra ham from Spain

The history of Pata Negra ham Heading north from western Andalusia on the road from Huelva to Salamanca in autumn, those with an eye for animals enjoying the natural surroundings will soon spot the occasional black Iberian pig. This ancient species of stocky, dark coloured and bristly swine likes to forage in the undergrowth and snuffle out acorns. The pedigree dates back more than a thousand years and in...

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